Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Subject to availability, Camden-Boone hereby offers to sell the products referred on this site only upon the following terms and conditions. This offer is subject to acceptance only on the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are hereby incorporated into any actions relating to any of the products sold by Camden-Boone. Any additional or different terms and conditions proposed by any Buyer in any purchase order or confirmation are hereby rejected, shall not be a part of any contract binding upon Camden-Boone and such purchase order or acceptance shall constitute an acceptance of this offer. Any and all subsequent actions by the parties shall be pursuant to these terms and conditions.

Shipping Policy

Smaller items ship via UPS. Large products and/or quantities ship via LTL common carriers to buildings with loading docks suitable for freight trucks. Receiving situations requiring Call-Before-Delivery, Lift Gates, Residential, Extended Service Areas, Redelivery, or other accessorial conditions will incur additional charges. Inside delivery, receiving, installation, or setup is not included.  Deliveries are during normal business hours of 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. 

We ship to the continental United States. Hawaii and Alaska require additional freight charges.  We do not ship to postal boxes or US Territories.  We do not ship to countries other than the United States. 

Freight Damage

The utmost care is used in packing and shipping. Our liability ends when the carrier issues a clean receipt to us (FOB). Camden-Boone shall incur no liability for damage, shortage or other cause alleged to have occurred or existed at or prior to delivery to the carrier unless full details thereof are entered on its receipt to the carrier. We are not responsible for loss or damage during transit. All items are shipped at purchaser’s risk.

All shipments should be carefully inspected by the consignee before acceptance and the delivering carrier should be requested to record any damage or shortage. If further damage is found after delivery, immediate inspection by the delivering carrier should be requested. Notification of concealed damages must be made to the delivering carrier within 3 days after delivery of merchandise. Keep all packaging materials until inspection has been made. Carrier liability ends after 3 days.

WARNING - After obtaining a clear receipt for shipment, the delivering carrier is no longer responsible for damage or shortages. Note: “Subject to Inspection” notations are considered a clear delivery receipt by the Carrier.

No matter what you've heard, if there is damage, DO NOT refuse a freight shipment. Refusing the shipment complicates the process enormously and you will be responsible for additional charges created by refusal.  When you refuse a shipment, the freight line returns it.  That means you're paying not just for the original delivery, but also the return.  You are responsible for those charges. 

Inspect the boxes when you receive them before you allow the freight carrier's driver to leave. If there is any damage whatsoever, mark the carrier's delivery ticket with a notation of the damage. List the damage in detail on the freight bill before you sign it. If necessary, make a separate document, but include the freight bill number on the document. Have the freight driver sign your copy of the freight bill along with the damage notes.

Once the product leaves our dock, it belongs to the freight company. Your signature upon the freight company's bill of lading indicates your acceptance of the shipment in perfect condition, therefore, please do not sign the carrier's paperwork until you are certain it is indeed in perfect condition.

If there is any damage to the product, save ALL packing materials and contact us immediately.

Delays in Delivery

Camden-Boone shall attempt to meet any shipment or delivery date specified, but in no event shall it be responsible or liable for failure to ship or deliver on or by any particular date.Camden-Boone shall not be liable to any buyer or any third party for indirect or consequential damages due to delays in the shipment or delivery of goods.

Limitation of Liability

Buyer’s exclusive remedy for claims arising hereunder shall be for the replacement or repair of products proven to have manufacturing and/or specification defects, or the allowance of credit therefore, at the option of Camden-Boone, and shall be dependent upon Camden-Boone’s acknowledgement that such defects exist. Camden-Boone’s liability for any and all losses and damages to Buyer resulting from any cause whatsoever, including Camden-Boone’s negligence, alleged damaged or defective goods, irrespective of whether such defects are discoverable or latent, shall be limited to the replacement or the repair of the product proven to have manufacturing and/or specification defects or allowance of credit therefore, at Camden-Boone’s option.

Returns Policy

Please note many of our products do not exist prior to your order and are manufactured specifically for you upon order placement.  These orders are custom regardless of color choice.  Custom orders are not returnable once shipped.  Once in production, a custom order may not be able to be canceled at all or at best, will incur cancellation fees. 

If you have questions about the returnability of an item, please contact us before ordering. We will be glad to send you finish samples before ordering.

We accept returns of non-custom merchandise up to 15 days after receipt of your order, however no merchandise may be returned without our written consent and shipping instructions and may be subject to a cancellation fee of up to 40% of the list price.  Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. 


This agreement supersedes all prior or contemporaneous written or oral representations, agreements or oral contracts. Neither party shall assign any right hereunder without the prior written approval of the other. This agreement shall be deemed to have been made in the State of Colorado and shall be construed in accordance with the laws thereof. Any cause or action arising from this agreement shall be brought only in the District Court of the State of Colorado in and for El Paso County, which court shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over all controversies arising hereunder.