Standing Coat Racks

Standing coat racks are the thing to use if two conditions are met.  First, you don't have many coats to hang.  If you do have a large number of coats to hang, then you may be better off with a wall mounted coat rack, simply because you can make those as large as you need, and they cost less than a freestanding coat rack.  The other condition is if you don't want to attach it to the wall.  Some people don't want to put anchors in the wall, so wall mounted racks aren't an option.

One great thing about a standing coat rack is that you can move it for cleaning or to wherever it's needed.  If that's one of your reasons, you may want to see the rolling coat racks instead of the standing.  These aren't terribly heavy, but if you're going to be moving it frequently, they may be heavier than you like!

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